Some “Interesting” Facts About the SAT Exam

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Excerpted fromĀ Professor Dave’s Owner’s Manual for the SAT (Home Study Edition)

  • The first SAT was developed in 1901 as a means of determining intelligence without systematic bias (much like an IQ test)
  • SAT originally stood for: “Scholastic Achievement Test”
  • In 1941, The College Board changed the name to “Scholastic Aptitude Test”
  • In the years between 1941 and 1994, the scores steadily decreased as more and more unqualified students began to take the test.
  • In 1994, the test mean was re-centered and the test re-named to simply SAT (no abbreviation)
  • Today, SAT doesn’t really stand for anything!
  • In 2005, the SAT was modified and a new “Writing” section, complete with an essay, was added at the request of colleges and universities.
  • Before the re-centering in 1994, only about one student in every administration earned a “perfect” 1600 score. Now, multiple students per administration receive such a score, a perfect 2400, usually about 250-350 per 1.5 million test-takers.

Students in the Northeast – Many SAT Test Centers Canceled for November 3rd

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The College Board has announced that many test-takers will be “out of luck” this Saturday.

Test centers throughout the Northeast are closed due to the ramifications of Hurricane Sandy.

However, test scores WILL be compiled and distributed in time for December admissions.

Pay careful attention to your email and watch for notice from the College Board.